As a full-service Interior Design firm, we can help you with:

  • Creating a personalized design concept based on your vision, taste, and needs
  • Drafting and producing working drawings for your contractors
  • Kitchen and bath remodelling 
  • Space planning and furniture layout
  • Color schemes
  • Selection of finishing materials (tile, floor and wall coverings, countertops, backsplash, etc), furniture, window treatments, light fixtures, soft furnishings, decorative accessories, wall art, tablescaping
  • Shopping at to-the-trade-only showrooms and design centers 
  • Designing store displays, merchandising, and shelf enhancement

How we work;

Design and Color Consultations, Designer Purchasing Services

Please email us to schedule a consultation with us, if all you require for your home or retail space is a session of troubleshooting problem areas, a few designer ideas to spruce up or redesign your space, help with a new color palette, advice on new pieces of furniture or furnishings, or would like general decorating, styling, and merchandising advice.

We can also research, source, or acquire furniture pieces, light fixtures, rugs, wall decor, and accesories for you or arrange shopping trips with you.

We charge an hourly fee with a minimum of two hours for consultation and designer purchasing services. Our commute is free of charge unless we are asked to accompany or travel with a client.

Remodeling, Renovation, Space Planning, and Room Conversion Projects

Projects requiring extensive planning, long hours of design concept development, drafting and redrafting of working drawings, finishing material selection, and multiple showroom appointments generally do not lend themselves to a strict hourly fee structure. In such cases, depending on the scope of the project, we either determine a total sum for the entire project or work out a combination of hourly fees and specific charges assigned to different parts of the project.

Please email us to set up an initial on-site visit with you, free of charge. Unlike a consultation during which we would share design ideas and advice with you, the purpose of this meeting will be to discuss the scope of your project, your vision, requirements, and wishes for your space and answer your questions regarding our portfolio, design experience, and process. Should you be interested in working with us after our initial meeting, we will prepare a bid for your approval, and if our bid is accepted, email you our contract to be signed.

Real Estate Staging +

Since 2007, we have been helping agents and homeowners in the critical task of making their listings and homes stand out in the very competitive Bay Area real estate market. Our design experience and in-depth knowledge of current trends in interior design, principles of space planning, and color psychology set us apart as a staging firm. We aim not only to make an unforgettable first impression of a listing, but also to invoke in potential buyers an emotional connection with a home. Our extensive staging inventory, vast collection of accessories, and custom made everlasting floral arrangements allow us versatility in choosing the best style of decoration for any listing be it modern, transitional, contemporary, eclectic, country, or traditional. We carefully plan, lovingly arrange, sternly edit, then painstakingly re-arrange until every precious square foot of a space is revealed, every unique feature of a property is highlighted, and a listing becomes a home. 

We offer the following staging services:

Staging Consultation

This is a walk-through of the entire property’s indoor and outdoor spaces with the homeowner, during which we advise on furniture layout, decluttering, organization, paint color, and accessory editing and placement. We also point out any improvements and repairs that may be required.  

Full Staging

This service encompasses the staging of a vacant property either in its entirety or specified rooms and spaces of it. All furniture, furnishings, and accents for full staging are provided by Ispirato Interiors. 

Partial and Occupied Home Staging

This more affordable staging option affords homeowners to live with their own furniture during the listing period. In such cases, we will combine our own staging inventory to complement and enhance the seller’s furniture and accent pieces.

Please email us to learn about our Staging and Staging Consultation fee structures. Our entire inventory of accessories, shelf enhancers, soft furnishings, wall art, botanicals, and portable light fixtures showcased in our staging projects are available for purchase.



Architectural Photoshoot Prop Styling +

We specialize in architectural photoshoots showcasing interior and exterior living spaces. We work with photographers, builders, construction companies, and interior designers to create picture perfect images for their marketing literature, websites, and social media presence. We take pride in creating a unique theme for every space and pay special attention to avoid any repetition in our compositions. Our responsibilities as prop stylists are to:


  • Scout the site of the photoshoot and take test shots
  • Develop a theme and color palette for the space based on the needs and requests of the client
  • Source (purchase/rent/make) the required props (accent pieces, tableware, florals, linens, artwork,  
  • Portable light fixtures, rugs, light pieces of accent furniture…)
  • Load up and haul the props to the site
  • Unpack and organize the props, set up the scene for each shot
  • Be on hand throughout the shoot to make the necessary tweaks and angle adjustments 
  • Pack up and leave the space as found before the shoot.

We charge an hourly fee for our prop styling services. 

If the site needs to be staged with furniture, we can also arrange for the shipping, move-in and set-up of the furniture and stage the spaces before the day of shooting. Additional shipping, furniture rental, and staging fees apply in such a case. 

Everlasting Botanical Creations & Bespoke Succulent Arrangements +

This side branch of our business originated from what we saw as a requirement for every decorating endeavor, the need for a splash of color, harmony, balance, and texture, all embodied in a floral arrangement. In staging especially, there is a need for florals and other botanicals that require no maintenance, or at the very least minimal care. Our search for affordable artificial floral arrangements that were appealing, stylish, and customizable was to no avail, so we started to create our own and over the years developed a green thumb using silk, artificial, preserved, and dried botanicals. Our passion for succulents, those enchanting, versatile, and virtually indestructible little plants, led us to create our own collection and stock for botanical arrangements we frequently use in photoshoots.


What we can do for you:

  • Customize and design your arrangement in keeping with your style (contemporary, traditional, country…), 
  • Personalize your arrangement using artificial florals, dried botanicals, or specific varieties of succulents
  • Source the materials including the botanicals, vessels, vases, urns, and accents (moss sheets, pebbles, etc) or use any material you would like to provide
  • Construct and deliver your arrangement  

Vignette Design Art Photography +

This offshoot to our prop styling service started out as the brainchild of our friend, collaborator, and architectural photographer extraordinaire Agnieszka Jakubowicz. She is a virtuoso of her craft, a  goddess of lighting, and a master of just the right angle. We are color addicts, obsessive collectors of objet d’Art, devotees of harmony, and sticklers for composition. Together, our respective talents and afflictions at hand, we set out to capture the ephemeral moments of our combined inspiration and transform them into enduring visual stories. Initially, our mutual goal was to advance our technical skills, to evolve our occhio ispirato following our instincts and hearts’ desires. We ended up being so exhilarated and moved by the resulting images that each one of us printed-art snobs just had to have prints for our own homes.   

One of our first vignette design images, “Petrichor”, was acquired by a high-end massage chair showroom. The image enlarged to 12’ x 5’  and printed on a commercial grade poster board, creates a zen, tranquil atmosphere befitting a store promoting well-being and relaxation.    

If you would like to use any of our vignette images as artwork for your interiors, or would like to commission us to create a custom vignette for you, please email us.

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