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About Us

The keen, observant eye that we chose as our logo, symbolizes the eye for beauty and represents "occhio ispirato", the inspired eye. We are inspired by beautiful interiors. Interior design is our passion; it is what we love to do.
The training of our "occhio ispirato" started very early on in our lives. We were nurtured by the world's most treasured architectural heritage and most coveted works of art, while growing up. Having had the good fortune to travel extensively, we had the chance to observe, first hand, how tradition influences the way people create their homes. This allowed us to develop a deep appreciation for cultural diversity in design and tought us that an open mind is the most basic requirement for creativity.

We do not solely rely on our "good eye" for design, though, and our training goes beyond just observations and an appreciation for beauty. Before founding our design firm, we took the time to gain the knowledge and technical skills required to be responsible and capable designers. We take pride in the fact that we offer our clients our sound knowledge grounded in formal education in interior design. What sets us apart is our firm grasp of design principles and our competence in applying them just as skillfully to staging as to the design of a home.

Before being lured into the realm of interior design, we had careers in the rigorous worlds of bio-tech, real estate and teaching with educational backgrounds in science and literature. Our initial careers shaped our approach to any project that we undertake: Discipline, strong work ethics, nimble problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and in-depth research.

Our background in the demanding, high-paced professional life in the Silicon Valley also helped us to define our goal in design. We know what it means to come home at the end of a stressful, busy day. We all need a coveted shelter, a happy place of our own, where we can relax, re-charge, feel safe, re-connect with family and friends... Creating soulful, honest, comfortable, and livable spaces, happy places, not fashionable, encumbered , fussy showrooms: That is our ethos. We cherish creativity, inspiration, and originality, our client's, as well as our own. Our design is guided by our client's needs, taste, vision, and dreams, not by fads, or convention. And that is our promise to our clients.

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